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Development Projects Under Gustavo Petro’s Government in Colombia

The government headed by President Gustavo Petro in Colombia has taken strides in various projects aimed at national development. These projects range from advancements in infrastructure, education, agrarian reforms, sustainability, and connectivity. Therefore, taking an overview of these projects can shed light on the political and social landscape of Colombia.


Gustavo Petro’s election as President marked a turning point in Colombian politics. His government has been marked by a strong emphasis on social programs, infrastructure development, and sustainability. Petro’s administration aims to reshape public policies and pursue a progressive and inclusive government. These decisions have led to the planning and execution of various development projects all over Colombia.

Current Situation

One of the top stories resonating the current developments in Colombia is the construction of a large public university in Orinoquia along with the construction of 700 homes. This initiative, primarily aimed at the educational sector, promotes the government’s commitment to create accessible higher education opportunities for everyone. Another key development focuses on agrarian reform, where the government awarded lands in Cesar, La Guajira, and Magdalena.

Future Perspectives

The potential of Colombia’s development projects under Petro’s government is immense. If the current plans are any indication, Colombia can expect more proactive government involvement in ensuring equitable economic and social systems. The upcoming projects can direct the course of Colombia’s development, economic growth, and social equity. Especially, considering the green proposals put forward by the candidates of Manizales, Armenia, and Pereira, the emphasis seems to be on sustainable development.

Key Events Timeline

  • Public university and 700 homes in Orinoquia: Source
  • Agrarian reform in Cesar, La Guajira, and Magdalena: Source
  • Team formation in Pereira: Source
  • Suspension of emergency declaration in La Guajira: Source
  • Women’s right guarantees in Medellin: Source
  • Green proposals in Manizales, Armenia, and Pereira: Source
  • Internet installation in La Guajira: Source


The current government’s development projects in Colombia depict the country’s stride towards equitable educational opportunities, social reforms, and digital connectivity. It is crucial for project managers to consider this landscape for aligning their projects with the government’s objectives. They should consider the following actions:

  1. Align project objectives to the government’s vision of inclusive and sustainable development.
  2. Understand the recent social and agrarian reforms for impactful decision making.
  3. Plan future projects considering the government’s approach towards infrastructural development and education.


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