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Article – Platzi: Transforming Learning

Platzi: Transforming Learning

Antecedents and Founders

In the dynamic world of education and technology, one startup has been making waves in Colombia. Platzi, a well-known online learning platform, was founded in 2013 by Freddy Vega and Christian Van Der Henst, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs passionate about transforming the way people learn.

The Current State of Platzi

With the exponential growth of the EdTech industry, Platzi has positioned itself as one of the leading platforms in Latin America, offering courses in technology, business, marketing, design, and more. Its unique approach, combining practical skills with industry-relevant knowledge, has attracted over 1 million students and a community of dedicated professionals.

Platzi’s innovative business model has proven to be successful, with a remarkable financial growth rate in recent years. Leveraging technology to deliver dynamic and interactive learning experiences, the company has been able to generate revenue from its subscription-based model, corporate partnerships, and strategic alliances.

The Debt of Platzi

Platzi operates in a highly competitive market, where staying ahead of the curve is crucial. As the demand for online education continues to grow, Platzi faces challenges such as expanding its course offerings, reaching new markets, and adapting to the ever-evolving technological landscape. However, the company’s strong financial position and commitment to innovation provide a solid foundation for future growth.

Key News about Platzi

  • 2013: Platzi is founded by Freddy Vega and Christian Van Der Henst, aiming to bridge the skills gap in Latin America.

  • 2016: Platzi launches a program on Artificial Intelligence for CEOs, attracting attention from industry leaders.

  • 2018: The United Nations establishes an advisory council on AI, with Platzi playing an active role in shaping global AI governance.

  • 2019: Platzi partners with the Colombian government and Innpulsa to offer free courses to thousands of Colombians, enhancing digital skills and fostering entrepreneurship.

  • 2021: Platzi joins forces with renowned investors and expands its course catalog, solidifying its position as a leading EdTech platform in Latin America.


As the demand for online education continues to rise, Platzi has positioned itself as a key player in the EdTech industry in Latin America. With a dedicated team, innovative business model, and a diverse course catalog, the company is well-equipped to address the evolving needs of learners and professionals.

For venture capital project managers considering investments in the EdTech sector, Platzi presents an attractive opportunity. With its proven track record, financial stability, and commitment to continuous innovation, Platzi has the potential to not only transform learning but also generate substantial returns on investment.

When evaluating Platzi, project managers should consider its strong market presence, expanding partnerships, and ability to adapt to the changing landscape of online education. Investing in Platzi could provide an avenue to tap into the growing demand for lifelong learning and digital skills development.


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